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Get prepared for data science jobs and interviews by professional data scientists and pay only when you get hired. 

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Gain real-world experience. Get more interviews. 

DataTrain's coaches will assess your professional experience, strengths, and needs and work with you to build real-world projects that are resume worthy and get you more interviews.

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Request your DataTrain coaches to refer you to companies you love so you can land more interviews and jobs. Also get connected to other data scientists, hiring managers and job opportunities through your DataTrain coach. 

Excel in your interviews.

Your DataTrain coach will extensively prepare you for technical interviews, case studies, and behaviorals. Each interview preparation will be uniquely geared toward your target company, industry, and your needs.

Our coaches are highly skilled professional data scientists

All our coaches are vetted by the DataTrain team, are industry experts and work at companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, with experience in multiple complex and valuable projects. 

"My DataTrain coach created a personalized training program for me which has made me more confident at interviews and has given me real-world project experience that I previously didn't have."

- Deborah 

"He was a gateway to 90 percent of all the professional connections I have within the data science industry. He introduced me to them and connected me with each one through phone. Thanks to him, I developed meaningful connections and currently in the process of leveraging these into interviews for full-time positions."

- Sibi

Land your dream data science job with DataTrain. 

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DataTrain prepares you to succeed in every step of the data science job process - from getting relevant work experience, developing meaningful connections, to acing the interviews. Since DataTrain's inception, our customers have had a job placement rate of 93% within 6 months.